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 Neighbours - Please help it to return as a Streaming Service 
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Postby Cheesie79 » Mon Sep 19, 2022 4:24 pm

Neighbours is still loved by millions of viewers around the world and has always rated well in the UK. To date it was regularly having an average of 1.2 million viewers an episode.

In Australia, the ratings were over a million in the 90’s and reduced to anywhere up to 620,000, but sometimes it could be around as low as 386,000 viewers.

In 2008, The contract for the show with the BBC was due to come to an end but during negotiations for a new contract the bbc were asked to place a bid for £300,000 (about AUD$507,079) for 8 years, a higher figure than they expected leading to their offer being declined and despite bids from channel 4 and itv the show went to Channel 5, who paid £300,000 for 10 years, way above the cost of the show. Then they re-signed for 4 years, after which they were reluctant to continue at the same price but negotiation resulted in a new contract for 1 year whilst saying it may be their last time. Channel 5’s new boss Ben Frow was known to dislike the show so it was run down to create an excuse to not sign a further contract. There were various reason they claimed to of pulled funding including claiming they made a loss (deliberately charged very low rates for neighbours sponsorship) and that the money spent on one show could be used to fund more uk based shows, the latter proven to be false after channel 5 announced a number of new Australian based shows Just a couple of weeks after announcing the withdrawal of funding for Neighbours.

Just 3 weeks after the announcement by channel 5 Fremantle claimed they had exhausted all options despite numerous claims of interest from other channels but these were suggested that they were not acceptable to Fremantle. These are some of the reasons why the show has now been rested. They are many petitions out there all with the same thing but a new approach was needed.


We aim to put forward a complete plan to not only get Neighbours back onto our screens but also address the issue of funding to make Neighbours self sufficient and not be reliant on tv channels funding the production costs.

• The streaming service that we are proposing to be created will house all episodes, spin offs and specials of the show from the past. With the inclusion of interviews, spin-offs and new regular episodes.
• We think many spin-offs can be made with any characters who have appeared on the show, either regular or recurring. The spin-offs could be one-off hour, 2 hours, 6 episodes, 8 episodes or of any size. Spin-offs.
• We are also proposing “what if” specials where it shows what characters who have died would be like today (such Drew, Kate, Sonya, Hendrix, Daphne, Kerry, David Serena Liljana. Stingray, Ringo, even Prue and Gary). The opportunities are endless.
• A reliable funding path to ensure that all production costs would be covered before going to air so any licencing agreements would be sheer profit for further investment.
• Funding could include product placement-a proven huge advertising income that could raise 100% of production costs
• A full range of merchandise- again a proven winner for raising large amounts of funds.
• Pre agreed adverts for each show by Fremantle before going to air.
• Reduces 100% burden of high costing contracts to channels making the show more attractive to them giving it a much higher chance of it being re commissioned.
• Create lifetime air contracts so that it will secure a permanent home in the same fashion home and away has with channel 5, this would mean they can only cancel the show if the production house cease production.
• Production costs could be massively reduced to around 50% of their current costs by making a few little changes which is helped by all saveable sets and props being placed into storage for future use.

This complete package would be the perfect way to secure the future of the show and remove the issue of funding while keep to the same high standards we have come to expect. It would also create a sustainable and secure future not just for the show but for all those that work within it including cast members while returning a good profit for both Fremantle and any tv channel that chose to take the show back to air.

The newly re commissioned show could Have more diverse regular characters, such as an autistic character. Provide storylines that will show more awareness of everyday issues.

The best thing to help the show to return is to develop a Streaming Service just for the show A Streaming Service would allow….

- Ratings to be the whole world, rather than per country (the viewers are out there, just all spread out and not in the same country).
- Keep the show going to give people experience in the industry.

- Networks/Broadcasters, screening times and countries removing the screening of it won’t have to affect it, as it would all be in the same place for the whole world.

- Bring in American viewers.

- The potential and the stories (even more diverse storylines) are still possible. It can make a difference in people’s lives.

- Trying to keep the costs low but allow for investors. Changing the financing of the show to make it easier and better to pay for.

We are developing a whole proposal/report and taking it to Jason Herbison, Channel 10 and Fremantle. Hitting them with the big questions to work out what we need to do to get it back on our screen. If you would like to see this happen, please sign the petition, and share it around, we really need to get the number up so we can put it in the report and make a difference. Also if you would like to make a comment about how much you miss the show, please leave it on the petition page and we may add it to the report.
By joining us in signing this petition you will be giving Neighbours the best possible chance to return as it will help show the popularity of the show and the petition will be included in the proposals that will be forwarded to those that make the decisions within Fremantle via our direct contact.

(In association with “Neighbours Forever” official Facebook group)

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