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Author:  djmenow [ Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Project djmenow

Well I thought I would update after all this time. About 3 months ago I hurt my neck and shoulder at work resulting in workers comp (yes another injury :dizzy: ). I couldnt do any physical work for like 3 weeks then gradually increase my lifting limits. Through Physio and whatnot I have been cleared by the doc last week for full duties but due to not being able to do any physical work really over the past few months I have gained a few kgs.

I am now sitting on 103kg from a low of 98kgs 3 months ago. Not too much fat added but it the weight has all of a sudden appeared on the scales. I feel it a little bit but not too much. Problem with me I just mention the word food and the kgs come :(

So I have to look after myself at work as my neck apparently will be a constant issue due to a narrowing of the C6/C7 joint meaning no real heavy lifting for me. Am only allowed to lift a max of 30kgs to restrict the injury from reappearing.

So not a real good last few months but I am exercising every day now so hopefully I can get a littel bit better and not put on anymore weight .

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