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Random Picture Thread
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Author:  honeybadger7 [ Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Random Picture Thread

On the homepage, there is random pictures From our archives. When clicking on them, it takes you to the picture. Is there anyway to see the picture from the actual thread?

Author:  atefooterz [ Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Random Picture Thread

At this stage all you can do is grab the thread name from the pic ( save will give name) then punch into search to get there.

Author:  Lasered [ Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Random Picture Thread

I was about to ask a similar question, then I found this thread. With some of the women where you find a good photo. You find they have such large threads, that it puts you off from chasing it up. Kylie Gillies thread is 350+ pages. The pics where she was outlining a basket of clothes for washing, and letting her tits hang there, giving us all a good peek? I thought that was in the 40s. But was in the 60s. Some other pics are too hard to find.

edit: Just for convenience. Here's a link to page 64 of the KG thread, where the relevant posts start. It goes on in some form til p69.


Author:  wolverine [ Sat Jan 10, 2015 3:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Random Picture Thread

This has been implemented. If you put your mouse over the picture, a clickable link will appear in the top left that will take you to the post from which the image originated.

Author:  pce229073 [ Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:48 am ]
Post subject:  archive bar page 404 not found error

Something is wrong with the archive bar of 5 photos that comes up in the main page.
clicking a photo results in being taken to page 404 not found.
needs to be fixed
pce229073 :smoke:

Author:  mr_walker* [ Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Random Picture Thread

And now a 404 error occurs when you click the picture .

Author:  wolverine [ Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Random Picture Thread

Oops, fixed. Happens when you're doing it at 1am and your brain is already asleep.

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