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Author:  wolverine [ Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum rules & tips

Major rules
  • Be over 18.
  • Behave like you're over 18.
Posting rules
  • Australian and New Zealand celebrities related posts only. Definition is strict enough to include celebrities who were born in either of these 2 countries and are primarily based overseas, AND loose enough to include celebrities born overseas but earning celebrity status on Australian and New Zealand produced content.
  • Before you start a new topic make sure you do a search to make sure an existing one doesnt exist.
  • Creating threads for (or posting pictures/videos of) celebrities that are younger than the age of 16 is prohibited.
  • Keep all posts for a celebrity or TV show to the one existing thread and stay on topic.
  • No spam.
  • Do not post or upload any pornographic or softcore material.
  • No posting of personal information of any other member, person, celebrity or otherwise.
  • Do not post external sites url's here, unless it is directly relevant to the conversation/topic.
  • Language on the forum shall be in English. please use translators and or make friends with others who share yor language and english to help.
Picture uploading rules
  • You can use auscelebs file uploader only for pictures, for which you own copyright.
  • Do not embed full size images into posts. Use thumbnails provided by upload facility. It is acceptable however to do so from external sites that provide no thumbnails.
  • If uploading screen caps, only those created with dedicated hardware are allowed (capture card, DVR recorder etc.). That means:
    - No caps taken from Internet catch-up TV services, unless they are of exceptional quality
    - No photos of a TV taken with a smartphone
  • For uploading of all other pictures use following approved image hosters:
  • For uploading files use following approved file hosters:
  • No uploading any illegal or offensive images of people under the age of 18.
  • No uploading of any "fakes".

Site Tips
  • Moderators are generally happy to help. Send them a PM if you are stuck or unsure about something.
  • The auscelebs forum searching is an easy way to find topics.
  • If you are looking for pictures of someone that you have seen on an ad, please request it in the "unknowns" thread.
  • Moderators are always bloody well right. That is why they are moderators. And Admins are NEVER wrong.

Thanks for reading and happy posting.

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