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Ipod Classic Issue
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Author:  djmenow [ Tue Mar 03, 2015 9:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Ipod Classic Issue

Ok this is shitting me and I cant find shit on the net to fix it.

I have an Ipod Classic 160gb. Never used it much. Had about 18000 songs on it.

Now plugged it into computer and an issue came up in Itunes and next minute no songs on Ipod but space is gone still.

Luckily I have the songs still on Itunes.

Ok here is the issue I restored my Ipod to factory settings. All good on the Ipod.

It says on Itunes it is in recovery mode still and the Ipod need restoring (already done). So I do it again, same outcome.

Ive done the hold middle button and menu button down to no avail.

Ive looked on You Tube, Blog sites, expert sites but nothing has worked.

Anyone have any ideas to get the Ipod out of recovery mode and for Itunes to recognise the Ipod without the 'Recovery Mode, restore' msg coming up?

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