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 Wheres the MODS 
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Postby atefooterz » Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:50 pm

Done :ohyes:

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Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:50 pm
Profile WWW

Postby The Stig » Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:28 am

well contrary to belief.. we have real lives away from just moderating this forum...

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Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:28 am

Postby The Stig » Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:24 am

must have missed that in the handbook...

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Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:24 am

Postby Dario_Western » Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:57 pm

You're a sloth! :P

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Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:57 pm

Postby Dario_Western » Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:04 pm

Here is a complete list of the diversity of forum mods coupled with their strengths and weaknesses. I'm probably gonna get banned for ruining this thread now, hehehehehe!

Hi all,

While there is one thing that all forum moderators share in common - they
think their shit doesn't stink - there has been recent research that
suggests there are in fact many sub-species of this genus. Each month (or
whenever we get around to it), will bring you a fascinating
profile of a different type of moderator. For our inaugural profile we
highlight the most talked about variety of this fascinating creature:

a.. ALIASES: Nazi, Dictator, Jailer, Old Iron Fist, Rules Parrot
b.. ALLIES: Henchman, Cheerleader
c.. ENEMIES: Free-thinking posters everywhere.
d.. HABITAT: Most forums have at least one Gestapo, unfortunately.
e.. MATING CALL: "That post is in violation of Rule 14.7-C (as amended)!"
f.. REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Was fired last week from Pizza Hut for

Gestapo is in many ways the easiest mod type to define. Always the first to
spotlight a forum rule violation, no matter how slight, the only way to
completely avoid Gestapo's attack is to be in the forum's Inner Circle Jerk.
When accused, don't even bother arguing that you didn't violate any rules
because Gestapo (1) wrote the rules, (2) is proud of his rules, and (3)
takes violations - real or imaged - personally. Gestapo will also not
hesitate to play his trump card and give you an additional infraction for
violating the dreaded Rule 117.1: "All Mod decisions are final and not open
to debate!!!!"

There is constant bickering among scientists regarding what this species'
proper name is. While up until recently the majority of experts had settled
on the name "Nazi," a recent effort has emerged to rename these specimens
because while a handful of Nazis were simply misguided common soldiers, all
Gestapo were evil pricks. Completely incapable of independent thought,
Gestapo mindlessly enforces his draconian rules upon anyone and everyone in
a zero tolerance orgy of infractions and bannings. Gestapo has no patience
for criticsm, jokes at his expense, bumping threads, misused BB Code, or
positive comments about other online forums as he is in constant fear that
his frightened subjects will liberate themselves from his despotic grasp.

Ironically, Gestapo is mortally wounded when accused of being a "Nazi" and
instantly retreats to his virtual Siegfried line to mount a stalwart
defense. But beware, Gestapo does not remain in a defensive posture for long
as his abominable temper almost always compels him to engage in a vicious
counter-attack characterized by lengthy tirades about how "running a forum
isn't all fun and games" punctuated by strings of CAPS LOCK profanity too
vile to re-create here. When it is mentioned that his behavior is in
violation of at least seven of his own rules, he vanishes from the board
only to return three days later and pretend nothing happened.

a.. ALIASES: Emo Mod, Buzz Kill, Sad Sack, Marilyn Modson
b.. ALLIES: Nanny, Scaredy Cat
c.. ENEMIES: Gestapo, Sloth
d.. HABITAT: Any forum with a section dedicated to angst, depression or 30
Seconds to Mars will have at least one emoD.
e.. MATING CALL: "How can you people talk about worthless BS when there is
so much suffering in the world?!"
f.. REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Only "suffering" emoD has ever had to deal with IRL
was when his parents bought him a red Jetta when he wanted a blue one.
emoD is a spoiled brat who lives with mommy and daddy. He has been
brainwashed by the modern educational system to believe that he is "unique
and special." Therefore, he construes every minor disagreement as a personal
attack and threat to his precious self-esteem. His melodramatic and
exaggerated concern for "all the world's problems," is a pathetic and
misguided attempt to appear older than he is.

emoD is the easiest type of moderator to rile up for lulz. Possesing the
emotions of a 12 year old girl, emoD is completely incapable of controlling
or suppressing his feelings and he feels a need to talk about them at
length. The most effective attack against emoD is to inform him that no one
gives a shit what he is feeling, not even the therapist that mommy and daddy
pay $300/hr for.

Despite the relative ease in pissing off emoD for extreme lulz, one must
take care when engaging this dangerous enemy. While usually too big of a
pussy to ban someone himself without "permission," emoD's most powerful
defense when threatened is to whine uncontrollably to the forum's Admin.
Often, Admin will ban the perpetrator just to make emoD shut up. Even when
Admin refuses to take action, emoD can find allies in the board's Nanny or
Scaredy Cat mods. Nanny believes it is her solemn duty to protect the more
sensitive members of the board from bullies, and given that no one is more
sensitive than emoD, Nanny will rush to his aid at the first sign of
butthurt. Also, Scaredy Cat may intervene, fearing the overblown danger that
emoD might hurt himself or that emoD's parents will sue the board.
Therefore, when engaging emoD in a flame war, one would be wise to
preemptively cut off his lines of support to these other mods. Whether this
is accomplished by PM'ing the other mods first to disparage emoD or by
another method depends on the circumstances on the field at that moment.

emoD's staunchest enemies are Sloth and Gestapo. emoD detests Sloth because
Sloth hardly bans for anything, no matter how badly a poster hurts emoD's
feelings. emoD will often accuse Sloth of "taking the other guy's side" when
in reality Sloth just shrugs (having no idea what emoD is even talking
about), scratches his taint and falls back asleep. Gestapo is hated by emoD
for his unemotional and "fuck everyone" attitude. emoD is often found
pleading with Gestapo to go easy on a friend that broke a rule. Of course,
Gestapo does not believe in granting exceptions and applies bannings and
suspensions to rule breakers with the discretion of a neutron bomb.
Ironically, while Gestapo hates emoD for "being a weak bitch," he will often
justify his own actions by claiming to be acting in defense of emoD's

Welcome to the latest installment of our Moderator Spotlight Series.
Usually, we focus on moderator types that abuse their power but this week we
focus on a rare breed of moderator that disdains doing much of anything.
There are few moderators who are not interested in the illusory power that
exists within Internet forums. This breed of moderator is quite rare as most
often, people accept a modship because they are desperate for some sense of
authority in their lives. Amongst the moderators who couldn't care less
about "teh web powa," one stands alone: Sloth.

a.. ALIASES: Sergeant Schultz, MIA Mod, Lazy Sack of Shit
b.. ALLIES: Sloth is too lazy to make forum friends
c.. ENEMIES: Gestapo, Henchman, Feature Creature
d.. HABITAT: While theoretically widespread, Sloth keeps such a low
profile that it is impossible to determine whether one exists on a specific
e.. MATING CALL: "Hey guys, what I miss?" (After vanishing for 4 months.)
f.. REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Sloth is so lazy he has figured out a way to sleep
26 hours a day.
Sloth simply does not give a shit. In fact, he would never even bother to
log onto the forum at all if his cat didn't occasionally bump into his
computer's power button. Almost invariably, the only reason Sloth is even a
mod is because he made out with Admin's sister at Admin's cousin's wedding.

Sloth cannot be bothered to contribute in any way to the forum. It's
shocking if he even remembers his account name, password and the site's URL.
The flipside, however, is that since he doesn't even pretend to give a shit
about the site or try to improve it, he can be counted on to not fuck
anything up. As any Admin knows, this is the primary desirable quality in

Despite Sloth's unparalleled laziness, there is one thing he will do:
Complain. A fucking lot. Sloth will literally bitch about everything
possible whenever possible. There are two techniques to deal with Sloth's
complaints. You can simply ignore Sloth because before long, he will exhaust
himself as compared to his normal afternoon, complaining is strenuous work.
Sloth will then generally fart, roll onto his side and fall asleep.

The other technique is to block out 80 uninterrupted hours to address every
one of his complaints because while he will bitch about every perceived
"problem" no matter how small, he wouldn't lift a finger to address any of
these complaints himself. Put another way, if someone posts child pornography on your site
late at night and Sloth is the only moderator logged on and could easily
delete it with a single click, you're already fucked. Call a good lawyer.

Sloth has no allies because he has no agenda and thus needs no friends. Some
members will find Sloth to be relaxed and refreshing (especially if Gestapo
has set up camp on the forum) and attempt to befriend him but don't bother.
He certainly won't acknowledge your overatures and most likely won't even
know who the fuck you are, even though you've been a member for 2 years.

While Sloth is too lazy to even consider who his enemies are, he is hated by
Gestapo (and thus by extention, Henchman) and Feature Creature. Gestapo will
always whine to Admin about how little "work" Sloth does around the site and
that it isn't fair that Sloth be "rewarded" by a Mod position in an attempt
to get Sloth de-modded. Admin will politely explain to Gestapo that Sloth
rammed his tongue down Admin's sister's throat at a family wedding 8 years
ago and that he will never be de-modded no matter how little he does on the
site. Gestapo will then attempt to undermine Sloth every time Sloth (rarely)
posts. Sloth, if he even recognizes that Gestapo is launching a Blitzkrieg
against him, will yawn and slowly extend a middle finger into Gestapo's
face. Being driven by emotion, nothing pisses Gestapo off more than someone
who doesn't give a fuck about "teh serious bizzness of teh internets" and
Sloth's subdued reaction will usually cause Gestapo to have a meltdown.

Feature Creature detests Sloth because Sloth does absolutely nothing while
Feature Creature is obsessed with never-ending add-ons, tweaks, improvements
and hacks. Usually, the war between Feature Creature and Sloth is a cold one
because both lack the killer instinct and hot temper of Gestapo (and Sloth
is too busy thinking about how much work mastrubating would be to notice).


ALIASES: Matriarch, Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa, Hetty Johnson
ALLIES: Gestapo, emoD
HABITAT: Forums which generally appeal to kids and sensitive types (emoDs)
MATING CALL: "Now kids, be nice or Nanny will have to send you to the
Naughty Chair"
REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Nanny has collected several certificates in IT, Child
Care, Senior First Aid, and Psychology but rarely does anything with them
cos she spends so much time on the Web these days.

Nanny is almost invariably a female mod. She is loved by Admin because of
her matriarchal nature, and can often be counted on by other admins to be
able to soothe Gestapo's bad temper (that's if they happen to be in a
relationship) as well as familiarise herself with the rules which Gestapo
She is quick to take the bullies into hand and give them a cyber spank over
her knee but is usually more merciful than other mods to allow them to stay.
Nanny is also rather prudish so the best way to rile her up is to use rude
words, especially when being cheeky to or insulting other forum members, or
posting links to porn sites or porn photos in posts. Like the rest of the
mods, Nanny hates Sloth for not taking more action against members who are
bullies, but she is sensitive to the feelings of emoD to let him retain his
position. Nanny is rather like the priest Tripitaka from the old Japanese
TV show "Monkey", she is generally a peaceable type who hates violence and
fighting but at the same time she is capable of using force to pull others
into line, she just doesn't use it often.


ALIASES: Yes-woman, Brown Noser, Fluffy Bunny
ALLIES: Anyone she manages to sleep with (including Sloth)
HABITAT: Mostly teen forums, fashion forums
MATING CALL: 'Gooooo admin, ra ra ra!!"
REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Cheerleader supports anything that she gets paid to

Cheerleader is usually a young female mod aged between 18 - 25 years old.
Having recently come of age and out of school and ready to explore the big
world she is bright, sunny, bubbly, open-minded, vivacious and most of all
fun-loving. She's the kind who will squeal at the latest jokes, how hot Zac
Efron and Justin Timberlake are, and lives for TV shows like Sex & The City
and Grey's Anatomy. Cheerleader usually works as a photographic model,
exotic dancer, or a promotional girl for corporate events and thus always
puts her best foot forward and smiles and supports anything which the event
organisers pay her to. This mod goes out of her way to be everyone's friend
because that's her nature. She's loved by Gestapo because she can motivate
him into taking action against bad board behaviour no matter how large or
trivial it is. She is loved by emoD because she is sympathetic to his
plight, and most often because she is the only type of mod who will give him
a root if he met her in real life. In essence Sloth and Gestapo then admire
Cheerleader because she has relieved emoD of some of his anxieties, but
doesn't charge $300/hr like his shrink does to get to the bottom of his
probs. The one weakness that Cheerleader has is that she doesn't like to
disagree with anyone on anything because she is a brown-noser, and being
amiable and a people pleaser she has rejected the pearl of wisdom 'Take
stands on some things or else you'll fall for anything'. That said, if you
post objectionable imagery like child pornography or gruesome videos she
will have a king-sized fit and have you banned from the board as well as
contact the authorities. So there are times when it is best not to
underestimate Cheerleader because she's got morals and claws just like her
5" inch manicured nails with exotic designs and precious stones set into
them. Cheerleader sleeping with Sloth can generally motivate him to take a
bit more constant interest in the forum as a mod - we all know the power
women have over men in the sack when it comes to 'business affairs'.


ALIASES: Wimp, Pussy, Worryguts, What-If, Chicken Licken
ALLIES: Gestapo, Nanny, Cheerleader
ENEMIES: Reality Dude, Mr. Got The T-shirt
HABITAT: All forums, but especially those related to I.T, religion,
politics, conspiracy theories and divination
MATING CALL: "The sky is falling in!"
REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Scaredy Cat makes a neat living as a psychic and
astrologer and you can always find him/her at flea markets and New Age expos
and festivals charging an exorbitant amount of money channelling dead
people's spirits and reading Tarot cards

Scaredy Cat is generally relied on because they have ESP (or so claim to).
They usually get invited to moderate forums because of the direction the
board is taking and how things are going to be for it in the future. This
is SC's main weakness: they are born pessimists at heart and they have
trouble trying to live for today. Like Chicken Licken they will go around
telling everyone to watch out as the sky is falling in. They are the same
forum mods who only 10 years ago were behind the Y2K panic, and also went
out causing alarm with forum members that Iraq had WMD in the 'politics' or
'general chat' section. In a nutshell they always assume and predict the
worst, when in reality the universe runs on a myriad of co-incidences and
chances that it's impossiible to REALLY know what the future holds. All
that said SC does serve one good purpose: to help Admin and Sloth wise up to
problems that the forum CAN encounter and other forums they've been a member
or a mod have encountered. Experience is the best teacher for them. In
real life, Scaredy Cat usually scares other people with their deadpan facial
expressions and voices completely on-edge as they talk about 'the future'.
They might as well become a prophet or a card reader because they over
analyse situations and people too much and are usually seen as a twit or a
'boring old fart' but they hate being made fun of and people getting the
upper hand when what they talk about isn't actually as bad as what it turns
out to be once the others experience it (which is where Reality Dude, and
Mr. Got-The-T-shirt come in later)


ALIASES: Teacher, historian, David Livingstone, Albert Einstein, Know-It-All
ALLIES: Admin, Mods (even Sloth), Cheerleader, Nanny
ENEMIES: emoD, Scaredy Cat
HABITAT: Virtually all forums, but most importantly ones dealing with world
history, and high school forums with 'history' threads in them
MATING CALL: "In my day things were very different to what you kids have
REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Mr. Got-The-T-shirt applied to take over Molly Meldrum and
Glenn A. Baker's roles on prominent TV shows and failed cos he's such a
plain looking guy.

Mr. Got-The-T-shirt is usually an elderly statesman of forums, especially
those populated by members who are young enough to be his or her own kids.
Most Mr. Got-The-T-shirts are 45-year-old virgins and rolling stones who
gather no moss and usually don't have enough money to own their own
computer. They don't have kids because they've been too busy exploring the
world and every single activity that is utterable in the universe to be
bothered to give themselves time for a girlfriend or wife. They are usually
invited to forums for their experiences and because they are perceived as
being more responsible and gentlemanly in their conduct compared with the
rude, illiterate and inarticulate kids on it. Almost uniformly, Mr
Got-The-T-shirts are seen to be loquacious, authoritative windbags on things
that the masses don't give a shit about, or stopping giving a shit about
years ago. They love to lecture people about "The Good Old Days". They
romantice the past and inject the future with optimism. The best way that
you can really rile Mr. Got-The-T-shirt is to post about stuff that you
haven't got a clue about and make assumptions about them because Mr.
Got-The-T-shirt has lived through it. Girls both love and loathe this
character because while he is full of knoweldge, wisdom and experience he
often thinks that he's got life sussed and he will have no time for them
unless they go out of their way to join him in his travels in the deep
echelons of the world. There is nothing that any member can wow this guy
with cos he's seen it all before and it won't be too long before he gets
jaded with the forum and decides to leave for new adventures (sometimes with
Cheerleader if he can afford to take her with him as a 'working holiday'),
usually making only a few friends (or none at all) in the process.


ALIASES: Hannah Montana, Soapie Star, Drama Student
ALLIES: Nanny, Cheerleader, Admin, emoD, Feature Creature
ENEMIES: Mr. Got-The-T-shirt, Sloth
HABITAT: All 'girly' forums and forums which primarily target females aged
between 16 - 25
REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Princess had to go to hospital recently because she broke
a fingernail whilst typing so hard on a message when some girlfriend got her
angry for nicking her boyf

Princesses are found on forums that are to do with modern female mainstream
culture. Shows like Australian Idol, Sex & The City, Hannah Montana,
Australia's Top Model - almost any prime time show on the commercial
channels. They seldom watch the ABC because it's too highbrow and dull for
them, and SBS because it's too weird for them to understand. This kind of
member is a pain in the arse because of their overuse of punctuation
marks!!!!!!! They cannot handle criticism or butthurt of any kind and will
break down crying at any point. In a way they are almost the female
equivalent of emoD and can be as bad (if not worse) than them if they ever
get voted in as a mod. They are extremely squeamish and terrified of
getting their hands dirty when having to deal with a forum's bottom-feeder
members. They love Feature Creature because he keeps the forum cool, fresh
and new and exciting for them, as well as relying on Nanny for protection
from bullies. Princesses and Cheerleaders usually get on because they are
roughly the same age as each other and both female, but Cheerleaders can be
a positive influence on them to calm down and be able to let their hair down
a bit and stop being such narcissists and drama queens.


ALIASES: Boffin, Nerd, Whiz-Kid, Wilf Lunn
ALLIES: Admin, Gestapo, Princess, Cheerleader
HABITAT: Online laboratory cooking up apps
MATING CALL: "Here's something I prepared today!"
REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Feature Creature won a prize at the school fair for making
their own burglar alarm

Feature Creature is the type of mod who can't sit still. He can't tolerate
a forum looking the same every 2 weeks and is constantly updating and
upgrading it with apps, new skins and add-ons to constantly attract new
lifeblood, especially younger members with ADHD. By day he usually works in
the advertising industry as a copywriter or a poster designer for live
entertainment like promoting movies, plays and rock gigs. FC loves
impressing the young with various gadgets that they can give people more
insight into them with, and he usually dislikes or gets frustrated with
Sloth because Sloth does bugger all to keep the forum looking 'hip and now'.
By and large if you make this guy a mod he generally won't post unless he
has a new toy he's anxious for the forum to try out. Like Sloth he usually
doesn't give a shit about day-to-day bickering and anything else - all that
matters is the forum being made attractive for his fickle tastes. Generally
it's best to keep FC as a member and only approve something he makes if it
is genuinely going to make the forum a better site, otherwise you are just
wasting your time on him.


ALIASES: James Bond, Kojak, Stalker, Sherlock Holmes
ALLIES: All, especially Admin, Gestapo and Scaredy Cat
ENEMIES: Virtually none since nobody knows who he is
HABITAT: All forums, but especially those where shady characters are known
to roam
MATING CALL: (whispered) "OK buster, the jig's up"
REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Undercover Agent is often an undercover agent in real life

Undercover agents are heroes, and like most heroes they are anonymous. They
generally lurk on forums due to professional reasons, because they are out
to expose the most loathsome people in society such as child porn
collectors, terrorists, and scammers. Undercover agents are mainly found on
'family friendly' forums, as well as those linked to the CIA and FBI. They
are out to protect the innocent members and silenty search out and destroy
the nasties. UA's will only communicate with you through PM and warn you
not to tell other members why they messaged you. Undercover Agents are
paranoid but in a good way and for a good reason - one false move and they
will be yesterday's news. Don't mess with this member or any forums they
are members or mods of, because they are highly trained in I.T., criminology
and psychology, and know how undesirables work. When (or if) they become
known for being mods they are held in esteem by all. If this type bans you
from a forum, you know that you are in really deep shit because they won't
ignore you - they will have a couple of bodyguards and armoured cops turn up
to your place, and you're history! He is also the only other mod that Sloth
has any real respect for, but only when the going gets really tough.



ALIASES: Mole, Arnold Jackson, Peter Pan, Billy Madison, Sisterhood Of Karn
ALLIES: Cheerleader, emoD, Nanny, Mr. Got-The-T-Shirt
ENEMIES: Mr. Got-The-T-Shirt, Scaredy Cat
HABITAT: Forums that deal with whatever they liked as kids and teens
MATING CALL: "Hey, anyone still like New Kids On The Block?"
REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Axolotyl is still flipping burgers at McDonald's or
delivering pizzas with Pizza Hut 20 years later

Axolotls are a pretty easy forum user to define: they do not progress or
diversify as they get older. There seem to be a small number of them out
there on forums, but they rarely post because they didn't have computers
when they were in high school. In fact this is their problem, they hate
anything in their culture that came into being after they left high school.
In 1986, Playboy magazine in an article on party tapes referred to them as
"Introverted Traditionalists' who think it's a major injustice that bands
like Uriah Heep and DMZ didn't gain more of a fan base, especially in their
town so they could see them live. They discover TRUTH and enlightenment
very early in life (say age 14 or 15) and then spend the rest of their life
reliving and enjoying that truth that they are ignorant to everything else
that's going on in the world. They have been on some forums for the last 10
or 15 years and during the whole time *nothing* in their lives has changed.
Still in the same old job, same haircut, same money, same clothes, same old
stuff they collected as teens and most often same old attitude. They are
friends with Mr. Got-The-T-shirt because they are in the same age group as
him, but can be enemies because Mr. Got-The-T-shirt gets frustrated with
them being slow learners. They don't bother to get an education because of
the way the system has changed since 1986 which makes you wonder why the
heck they bother to come to a forum in the first place?


ALIASES: Shit-Stirrer, Troll, Mr. Slippery
ENEMIES: All (except for maybe Sloth)
HABITAT: Mostly punk forums,,, and
Usenet groups
MATING CALL: "Hey, you still bonking your mamma you spoon, hehehehe?"
REAL LIFE TRIVIA: They are nothing in real life to what they paint
themselves up to be on the Net. JonZeee comes across as illiterate and uses
an oversupply of dots and lowercase letters but in real life he works as a
pilot for crop spraying.

JonZeee and Greasetea are characters that I encountered on forums a number
of years go (respectively the Usenet group rec.nude and Morrisey's old
forum) whereby you don't have to undergo any mod approval or provide a
working email address or password to join, and in Greasetea's case the admin
and moderator was a Sloth. They are the last bastion of 'free speech'
types, which means they post and say the most disgusting and contentious
things but they are well within their right to because it is protected by
the "First Amendment". They function the best on Usenet groups because they
have no mods or admins, hence no censorship. Most regular forum members
have kill-filed or ignored them long ago because it is pointless to engage
them in friendly discussion or debate with them on any intelligent topic.
They have the posting style and rhetoric of a spoilt, spotty 12-year-old
high school boy who loves showing his classmates copies of Black Label
Penthouse magazine behind the bike sheds or playing dirty comedy albums by
the likes of Lenny Bruce, Andrew Dice Clay, Rodney Rude and Kevin 'B.loody'
Wilson which they've either sneaked from their parents record collection or
downloaded from torrent sites cos iTunes wouldn't let them. Sometimes they
are funny but they usually put everyone down (except for a notable few) and
often scare off newcomers to the board of a pretty sensitive nature. They
are hated the most by emoD and Princess, and even Cheerleader. These types
are not in the least bit interested in being forum mods, which is just as
well because if they were within a month the membership will have dwindled
down to just them. They are like slinkies, most people consider them of no
use except to laugh at when you drop them down a flight of stairs. Although
most of them have been banned from every single forum they've subscribed to,
people like them will always exist whether you like them or not. The best
thing you can do is to kiss their butts and be right out honest about
yourself with them instead of beating around the bush. They'll love it.
Even if you were their prime target when you first joined they will
eventually change tack and will suddenly think you are one of the greatest
living human beings ever. Worked for me! :)
A varient of JonZee/Greasetea types is the Arsonist, who starts
controversial and contentious threads and sits back to watch everybody get
at them and each other on it without contributing to them any further.
JonZeee and Greasetea usually add more fuel to an Arsonist's thread.


ALIASES: Whiner, St. Sebastian, Joan of Arc
ALLIES: Everyone whom they can convert to their philosophy, especially emoD
and Gestapo
ENEMIES: JonZeee/Greasetea, Sloth
HABITAT: Social reform forums
MATING CALL: Anything which doesn't offend anybody
REAL LIFE TRIVIA: Political correctoid orders a coffee from Starbucks and
wants it 'tan', because 'black' and 'white' are offensive words for him to

Political correctoids have always existed throughout human history, but only
really came to mainstream prominence around the early 80's. They are the
sort who whinge and whine about how hard done social minorities are, and
quickly pounce on people who use demeaning words for them, even words which
meant something completely different originally or are acceptable in other
cultures. For instance they hate the word '' because it demeans gays,
whereas in the UK it is slang for 'cigarette' and the term 'f.agged out'
meaning 'tired'. They hate the word 'b.itch' because it is demeaning to
women, but at the same time it also refers to a female dog or complaning
about something or someone (and they are known experts at that themselves!).
They hate the word 'c.oon' because it demeans dark skinned people, whereas
in Australia it is the brand of a popular type of cheese, even eaten by
Aborigines as well who are not offended by the name (it was first
manufactured by Dr. William C.oon). They hate the word '' because it is
demeaning talk for women's breasts but it also refers to a type of bird and
someone who does something clumsy in public. They hate the word "d.ick"
because it is demeaning to penises but is also used as an abbreviation for
the name Richard, a private detective, an idiot, or someone who lives an
unproductive life (i.e. "d.ick around). As arch-hypocrites they claim they
believe in 'freedom of speech' but only when it doesn't have the potential
to offend anyone. These sort of people should be shot and put out of their
misery, or at least deposed from positions of power on the internet. NEVER
make them admins or mods because they will employ word filters. Although
Sloth doesn't usually hate anyone on the net because he can't be bothered
with anyone else, he does hate this person for being an oppressor and
complaining about trivial things due to them being cultural imbeciles.

Itchy the Mouse

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Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:04 pm

Postby SKaVeN » Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:26 pm

I don't know whether or not he's having a go at us because I can't be bothered reading it all.... :neutral:

Ned Flanders
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Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:26 pm

Postby The Stig » Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:28 pm

me either...

Disco Stu
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Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:28 pm

Postby Dario_Western » Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:37 pm

SKaVeN wrote:
I don't know whether or not he's having a go at us because I can't be bothered reading it all.... :neutral:

For all you know I could have posted a death warrant on you and you wouldn't have known until it was too late! :lol: :P

Joking aside, in a nutshell it explains the characteristics of different types of forum moderators and prominent posters to be found on them. Sloth is the type of moderator who gets on a forum but hardly ever posts or does any work on upgrading or re-booting it. You could post money scams, spam and kid porn on his forum and still he won't lift a finger to delete such posts or report them to the authorities. ;-)

Itchy the Mouse

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Postby Laxative Effect » Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:20 am

lol that was a nice read Dario. I still don't know under what section i would put our mods in, those categories were very specific. :dizzy:

Radioactive Man
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Postby pandora » Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:10 pm

Hi I would like to contact the moderators for a request to take down a page please.Can someone get back to me? Thanks

Maggie's Pacifier

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